Mali, Niger evacuate citizens from Central African Republic

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Mali, Niger evacuate citizens from Central African Republic

Woman looks at burning houses in Bossangoa, north of the Central African Republic's capital BanguiBy Paul-Marin Ngoupana BANGUI (Reuters) – African countries have started evacuating their citizens from the Central African Republic in recent days amid deteriorating humanitarian conditions and inter-religious violence. The clashes have killed more than 1,000 since December and the United Nations says 935,000 have been driven from their homes. Mali's government has chartered two flights to evacuate around 500 of its citizens on Sunday while 150 of Niger's citizens arrived back in the capital Niamey on Friday night. "I can't say whether there were incidents of aggression against Malians, but most countries have now decided as a precaution to bring home their citizens," said Mali government spokesman Mahamane Baby.

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